Be Debt-Free!

“A man in debt is so far a slave.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What’s one of your goals this year? “Be debt-free” tops the list for many folks. And rightfully so.

Debt is no fun. Everyone knows it. But a lot of people go in debt just to keep up with those who already are. Some people operate with the notion that debt is inevitable – a necessary and probably insurmountable obstacle. They feel that no matter how hard they try to avoid and rise above it, they’ll never be debt-free.

But debt needn’t be a given in life. You can have financial freedom – and probably sooner than you realize. We’ve talked about how to get a hold of your finances here and here. We’ve created other products and programs focused on helping families to become familyprepenurs. But everyone always wants to talk first about being debt free.

So we made a course based on our journey to becoming debt free. It’s called Be Debt-Free!

That’s pretty straight to the point, eh?

And so is the course. If you wanna be debt-free, go get the goods.

People often ask us how we work from home, how we homeschool, and how we live minimalistic lives in a world full of distraction and clutter. Those aspects are all part of our family lifestyle design. But so is being financially free.

Financial freedom opens up the gate to so many other freedoms. When you’re not worried about living paycheck to paycheck, you can focus on living the life you want to live – on your own terms and without someone breathing down your neck about the bills.

Like most families, debt was a significant part of our life. We have kids, a house, cars, student loans, and all the trappings of life in the “real world”. Having so much debt (we’re talking $300K with the house) was a huge and constant ball of stress!

Budgeting helped, of course, but it seemed to barely make a dent. We tried going for the big bucks with a runaway business of our own, but that came with its own headaches (mo’ money, mo’ problems). Where was the middle-ground? Where were the results?

The thing about a lot of debt payoff advice is that it addresses only part of the problem. Like reaching any goal, becoming debt-free requires a plan and action. Within a plan and action, you need know-how and motivation. Within that, you need accountability and actual, lasting change. Most people don’t talk about that stuff upfront and when they do, man, it can be so overwhelming that you stop dead in your tracks!

Most debt payoff advice also revolves around just decreasing expenses, probably through budgeting and frugal living. But what about increasing your income? And after you’re financially free, then what?

Be Debt-Free! tackles all of those issues in one comprehensive course. It’s 12 weeks of lessons, assignments, materials, and tools to help you create a money plan, stay motivated, and actually become debt-free in months instead of years. Be Debt-Free! takes a 3-tiered approach to your finances by focusing on decreasing your debt, increasing your income, and your future of financial freedom.

We worked really hard to make Be Debt-Free! the real deal of debt payoff courses that goes far beyond just paying off your debts. It’s an honest and affordable course with easy-to-follow steps that will get you sweet results (like, “Hey, honey, we’re already done paying off the car” results). What’s taken us years to figure out is all here for you to take advantage of over the next 3 months. (We even share ways that you can make $400 or more in 24 hours or less.) This simple, smart, and solid course is based on our proven formula to financial freedom, and we’re really excited to share it with you.

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering a 30% discount and an additional $5 for subscribing to our Raising Happy Useletter. We charge for the course to support our Progress with Proceeds initiative, which includes donating 50% – 70% of all proceeds to charity. This month’s charities are Donors Choose and Hawai’i Foodbank. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have ahead of time.

If you want to finally be debt-free in 2015 (and beyond), we’d love to have you aboard Be Debt-Free! See you on the inside!

“Debt is normal. Be weird.” – Dave Ramsey